Overview As the Chief Financial Officer of a bank you apply for a Bailout in hopes of saving the bank. Bailout Bank replies, “Your bank does not currently qualify for the bailout; do some restructuring to show greater loses and resubmit the application.” Complete unrest breaks out in the banking community, as banks realize that Bailout funds are in short supply. To better your chances of getting a Bailout you decide to get a jump on the competition by dumping your bank’s worthless paper right in their laps. Engage in forced trades, questionable sales and risky acquisitions with rival banks […]

Overview You are the Chief Financial Officer of a Bank; your institution is hanging on by a thread. You must reach Bailout Bank before it is too late. So, you take a chance and follow the money trail. Don’t think this is going to be easy. You have to earn this Bailout! Along the way you will be forced to undermine the competition, endure the uncertainty of the stock market, avoid hostile takeovers, deal with the instability of the housing market and your bank may even be forced to take a bank holiday. Be the Bank, Lose Billions, Get a […]