The Mortgage Encyclopedia

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The Mortgage Encyclopedia

Authors : Jack Guttentag
Publisher : McGraw Hill Professional
Published Date : 2004-06-21
ISBN-13 : 9780071458498
Page : 350 Pages
Language : en

Descriptions The Mortgage Encyclopedia

A one-stop reference for in-depth explanations of mortgage topics

With the creation of so many new, complex mortgage programs, it’s difficult for consumers –not to mention real estate agents, attorneys, closing agents, and mortgage brokers–to keep track of them all. Written by nationally syndicated real estate columnist Jack Guttentag, The Mortgage Encyclopedia helps readers understand the various mortgage terms, features, and options by offering clear, precise explanations. The alphabetical organization of terms makes it easy to quickly find information on any topic, from FHA, Investor, and No-PMI Loans to Origination Fee and Rate Float. Each entry includes not just a description of the term, but also relevant advice for consumers, such as answers to the questions “Is this loan right for me?” and “Can I negotiate this fee?”

  • Guides readers through the bewildering array of new mortgage programs
  • Features definitions and explanations of common mortgage, escrow, and closing fees and arcane mortgage terminology