Purging the Republican Party

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Purging the Republican Party

Authors : Ronald T. Libby
Publisher : Lexington Books
Published Date : 2013-11-22
ISBN-13 : 9780739187647
Page : 168 Pages
Language : en

Descriptions Purging the Republican Party

This is the first book that explains the Tea Party’s successful “primary” campaign against Republicans in Name Only (RINOs). Grassroots Tea Party activists adopted this strategy in 2009 shortly after the movement emerged. The first successful campaign occurred in upstate New York where the Tea Party defeated Dede Scozzafava, a RINO running for congress in a Republican primary that only elected Republicans to office during the previous 100 years. Armed with success, they defeated “conservative” Utah Senator Bob Bennett an eighteen-year veteran and then proceeded to defeat the popular Republican (RINO) governor of Florida Charlie Crist and elected the virtually unknown Tea Party candidate, Marco Rubio. This placed all Republicans on notice that if they do not follow conservative fiscal policies, they could be “primaried.” The Tea Party’s goal is to take control of the Republican Party and return it to its original, fiscal conservatism.

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