A Pecos Adventure

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A Pecos Adventure

Authors : Fred Hardwicke, M.D., iUniverse, Incorporated
Publisher : iUniverse
Published Date : 2005-06
ISBN-13 : 9780595346103
Page : 88 Pages
Language : en

Descriptions A Pecos Adventure

On a bright June day, Fred Hardwicke and his ten-year-old son Robert embark on a camping adventure. It’s the perfect time for father and son to spend quality time in an activity they both enjoy. Captivated by the Pecos River that winds its way through the mountains of New Mexico, the two decide to tackle one of the more imposing peaks.

Descending the mountain and heading back toward camp, they become lost. Facing a night in the freezing high-country temperatures, Fred and Robert turn to their faith. Throughout the long, cold night, the two struggle to stay warm and keep alert.

After surviving the night, Fred realizes he must leave his exhausted son in a safe place while he continues to search for help. Through his strong faith in the Lord, Fred presses onward, determined to save his son. When he finally finds help and Robert is saved, their trust in God brings father and son closer together than ever before. A Pecos Adventure is a moving story of courage, survival, and faith against all odds.

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