Promoting Sustainable Economies in the Balkans

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Promoting Sustainable Economies in the Balkans

Authors : Steven Rattner
Publisher : Council on Foreign Relations
Published Date : 2000
ISBN-13 : 9780876092675
Page : 73 Pages
Language : en

Descriptions Promoting Sustainable Economies in the Balkans

Less than four years after brutal civil war in Bosnia, the Balkans again erupted in violence during the Kosovo conflict, severely damaging already fragile, regional economies. This task force report recognizes that, while economic reconstruction alone will not be sufficient to bring long-term peace and stability to the region, rising living standards could foster sustainable economic growth and reduced political tensions. Among the reports conclusions are the impending donor fatigue, which will lead the international community to turn its focus away from the region, and the difficulties and necessity of internal reform, without which foreign financial assistance will be of only limited utility. Bringing together top executives in private investment firms, renowned scholars, leaders in the nonprofit field, and key government officials, the report synthesizes the views of all the players involved in economic development. The result is a balanced assessment of what both the international community and the Balkan countries must do to build sustainable economies in the region.

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