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Android Beam was one of the first implementations “consumer” of the NFC protocol, but it has never been that much useful in daily use. Maybe because it has never been documented that much and because you can do a few things: send images and Web page URLs is interesting, but not enough to make inroads into the general public.

Things will change with Lollipop. Android Beam has been redesigned in a profound way: it is now directly available as an entry in the Share menu, as if it were any app, and allows you to transfer any type of file to another device – it does not matter if it fits Lollipop or an older version . The first test, performed using as recipient a Nexus 4 with KitKat, have worked perfectly, although unfortunately the transfer may be initiated only by Lollipop.

This means that the direct transfer of files from one device to another will now be much easier. We can take a document, an APK or whatever from a file explorer, or from the gallery system and so on, click Share and select Android Beam. At that point, just to touch with one another, the back cover of the two phones and the transfer will be completed. Here are three images showing the main steps.

In short, Android 5.0 Lollipop confirms more and more like a major step forward towards ease of use for all technology enthusiasts and not. For more information and details on the news, you can follow our dedicated channel

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