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As the Chief Financial Officer of a bank you apply for a Bailout in hopes of saving the bank. Bailout Bank replies, “Your bank does not currently qualify for the bailout; do some restructuring to show greater loses and resubmit the application.”

Complete unrest breaks out in the banking community, as banks realize that Bailout funds are in short supply.

To better your chances of getting a Bailout you decide to get a jump on the competition by dumping your bank’s worthless paper right in their laps. Engage in forced trades, questionable sales and risky acquisitions with rival banks to build up enough loses to obtain the bailout. Your conduct causes other banks to focus on your bank as a target.

The competition is fierce and there are no guarantees that any of your actions will save your bank. Can you keep your doors open long enough to get a Bailout?

Be the Bank, Lose Billions, Get a Bailout!


You begin as one of the following six banks: Liquidation Brothers, Bankruptucy O’ America, Worth Farless, NoCashvia, Greedy Investors of America or Washed Up Mutual.

Your goal is to be the first player to get the set number of Bailout bundles required for the number of people playing the game. A Bailout Bundle is a grouping of cards that equal a set amount of debt.

When you lose, you win.

Hostile Takeover Cards

To help you create Bailout Bundles you take all of another players debt cards and give them your debt cards.

Bank Holiday Cards

You return all of your Bailout Bundles to the discard pile.

Frantic May / Frivolous Mac Cards

These cards are wild cards, worth any amount of debt. You add these cards to your own banks debt cards to form Bailout Bundles.

Sales and Acquisitions Cards

You pick a player who shows all of their debt to everyone.  You take from that player any number of debts cards and replace them with cards from your own hand.

Swap Cards

Trade Bailout Bundles with the player of your choice.

Bailout Bank

Bailout Bank debt cards are set amounts of debt that can be combined with your own banks debt to form Bailout Bundles.

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