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You are the Chief Financial Officer of a Bank; your institution is hanging on by a thread. You must reach Bailout Bank before it is too late. So, you take a chance and follow the money trail.

Don’t think this is going to be easy. You have to earn this Bailout!

Along the way you will be forced to undermine the competition, endure the uncertainty of the stock market, avoid hostile takeovers, deal with the instability of the housing market and your bank may even be forced to take a bank holiday.

Be the Bank, Lose Billions, Get a Bailout!


You begin as one of the following six banks: Liquidation Brothers, Bankruptucy O’ America, Worth Farless, NoCashvia, Greedy Investors of America or Washed Up Mutual.

You start off with positive money, but your goal is to be the bank with the greatest amount of debt when all players have reached bailout bank.

When you lose, you win.

Hostile Takeover

Takeover A Rival Bank

You attend a stock holders meeting where you present confidential information that you gathered by suspicious means. This presentation results in forced resignations by members of the Board of Directors. By undermining the board, you are on your way to obtaining controlling interest in rival banks.

Defend Against A Takeover

You are under attack by a rival bank and half of your banks holdings are in jeopardy. You take evasive action to conceal your companies net worth. Success or failure rides on your ability to outsmart, deceive and divert your opponents.

Bank Holiday

There is run on your bank and all your debts or assets are cleared back to zero.

Frantic May / Frivolous Mac

Your bank has received bad debt from Frantic May and Frivolous Mac. Getting bad debt helps you win the game. An additional option on the card is to challenge another player on their knowledge of quotes from great Americans in order to get more debt.

Sales & Acquisitions

Landing on this space gets all players involved in the transaction. Choose your opponents wisely. This deal can put your bank in the lead for a bailout or you could sabotage your bank with profits.

Stock Market

While you might see bulls and bears, this is no visit to the zoo. Beware this is risky business; you never know how the market will react. While trying to lose money you could get stuck with huge profits.


As you follow the money trail, if you are unlucky you will have several chances to win T-Bills. Your T-Bills mature shortly before you reach bailout bank and turn your debt into assets.

Bank Stress Test

You are required to stop and reveal your banks net worth to all the other players. Players will use this information to figure out whom to challenge in the home stretch of the game in order to have the best chance of winning.

Bailout Bank

End game. If you reach bailout bank first, you will receives a bonus of 1 billion dollars in debt. Once all players have reached bailout bank, assets or debts owned by the players are distributed and the winner can be determined. The player with the greatest amount of debt receives the bailout and wins the game.

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