If you’ve kept up with the news on this website a bit, you will probably be aware that it’s a great age to be a gamer. Online gaming services such as Steam often have sales and offer huge discounts (thanks Gabe!) and buying great games was never as cheap as it is right now. The only problem is that sometimes the right games are just nowhere to be found. Lack of card games As the World Series of Poker are also being held at the moment however, I thought it’d be nice to have play some poker and turn myself […]

Clash of clans hack is a popular game whose success depends on proper planning and execution of strategies. Every player has a different approach of playing Clash of clans, but the most critical strategy is to come up with a solid builder plan. This is important because it helps you to safeguard your base and destroy any enemies that plan to launch attacks on your base. Strategies put in place especially regarding the plan of the base are important because placement of buildings, units and defense structures determine whether a game will be won or lost. There are plenty of […]

Asphalt 8 hack is a brand new tool that will allow you to get unlimited credits and money in just few seconds, as you know the Asphalt 8 game is created by Gameloft, a popular mobile games company, who created many great racing games and arcade games. They have a great past in the game industry as you remember the old Symbian OS Nokia who had games from Gameloft, and this games were the best from that mobile devices! Asphalt 8 is one of the game that have more than 10 million downloads from google play if we include the […]