Clash of Clans Game Strategies

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Clash of clans hack is a popular game whose success depends on proper planning and execution of strategies. Every player has a different approach of playing Clash of clans, but the most critical strategy is to come up with a solid builder plan. This is important because it helps you to safeguard your base and destroy any enemies that plan to launch attacks on your base. Strategies put in place especially regarding the plan of the base are important because placement of buildings, units and defense structures determine whether a game will be won or lost. There are plenty of clash of clans builder plans that can be found online. Players can either copy the plans or borrow some ideas and incorporate them into their own building plans.

There are several strategies that need to put in place when constructing the base for your clan. The base is the most critical part of the game because it not only protects your resources but helps you to bag more trophies. The base is not used for defense purposes only but acts as a place where you can organize your army structures in order to launch attacks against enemies. One good strategy for creating the base is to have some buildings protected by walls and place others outside the wall. Structures that should be located outside wall boundaries include Barracks, Spell factory, Builders huts, Laboratory and in some instances, Elixir collectors and Gold mines. However, in case elixir collectors and gold mines have high levels, you should have them inside the walls.

Key defensive buildings such as Wizard towers and Mortars should be centrally and strategically located and not placed in outskirts where they can be easily attacked. Archer towers and canons shouldn’t be placed in a position where they are the first to be attacked. Use of walls is a good game strategy since they not only safeguard buildings but also slows down opponents. Gaps should never be left in walls and buildings shouldn’t be used as part of walls because enemies can use them as an entry point. Also, buildings shouldn’t be placed too near each other but instead, they should need to be in separate cells to enhance protection. This is to ensure that even if one wall or cell is penetrated, it limits the movement of the enemy. The walls must be strong and compact to ensure heightened defense.

There are two types of plans used to build a secure base; farming base and defensive base. In the defensive base model, the town hall is strategically located in a wall secured central place. In the farming base option, centralization of resources takes centre stage accompanied by enhanced protection. The type of the base plan used depends on the strategy a player wishes to use to ensure victory.

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