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Aaron Brown’s Captain’s Log: the Epi-Log Authors : Aaron Brown Publisher : Published Date : 2018-05-13 ISBN-13 : 9781388455118 Page : Pages Language : en Descriptions Aaron Brown’s Captain’s Log: the Epi-Log Days after his grand exit from high school, we join our hero as he flies to California for a much needed vacation. Will he crash and burn? Probably not, cause he’s typing this book description right now. Hi, Mom!

Financial Risk Management For Dummies Authors : Aaron Brown Publisher : John Wiley & Sons Published Date : 2015-11-16 ISBN-13 : 9781119082200 Page : 384 Pages Language : en Descriptions Financial Risk Management For Dummies TOPICS COVERED: Introduction Part I: Managing Risk Chapter 1: Living with Risk Chapter 2: Understanding Risk Chapter 3: Taking Charge of Risk Chapter 4: Managing Financial Risk Chapter 5: Working as a Financial Risk Manager Part II: Measuring Financial Risk Chapter 6: Valuing Risk Chapter 7: Stressing for Success Chapter 8: Speaking Greek Chapter 9: Pushing the Boundaries Part III: Managing Financial Risk Chapter 10: […]

Winnower Authors : Aaron Brown Publisher : Wipf and Stock Publishers Published Date : 2013-12-24 ISBN-13 : 9781498271011 Page : 44 Pages Language : en Descriptions Winnower A collection that alternates between celebration and lament, Winnower traces the experiences of an American poet growing up in war-torn Chad, Africa.

Beginning Lua Programming Authors : Kurt Jung, Aaron Brown Publisher : John Wiley & Sons Published Date : 2011-08-15 ISBN-13 : 9781118079119 Page : 672 Pages Language : en Descriptions Beginning Lua Programming This book is for students and professionals who are intrigued by the prospect of learning and using a powerful language that provides a rich infrastructure for creating programs. No programming knowledge is necessary to benefit from this book except for the section on Lua bindings, which requires some familiarity with the C programming language. A certain comfort level with command-line operations, text editing, and directory structures is […]

The Poker Face of Wall Street Authors : Aaron Brown Publisher : John Wiley & Sons Published Date : 2011-08-26 ISBN-13 : 9781118161104 Page : 368 Pages Language : en Descriptions The Poker Face of Wall Street Wall Street is where poker and modern finance?and the theory behind these “games”?clash head on. In both worlds, real risk means real money is made or lost in a heart beat, and neither camp is always rational with the risk it takes. As a result, business and financial professionals who want to use poker insights to improve their job performance will find this […]

Makan the Ghost Authors : Aaron Brown Publisher : CreateSpace Published Date : 2014-09-12 ISBN-13 : 9781502365163 Page : 40 Pages Language : en Descriptions Makan the Ghost Makan is a hungry ghost who lives in Singapore, he goes around scaring cats to get his food. This comes to an end when he tries to scare a small boy, Paul. The artwork in this book is done by hand, it shows scenes children in Singapore will recognise.

Guardian Records of Williamson County, Tennessee 1799-1832 Authors : Albert L. Johnson Jr. Publisher : Genealogy Pubs Published Date : 2001-03-01 ISBN-13 : 9781931453011 Page : 427 Pages Language : en Descriptions Guardian Records of Williamson County, Tennessee 1799-1832 This book covers the factual guardianship records of Williamson Country over a 130 year period.

Albany State University Authors : Titus Brown Publisher : Arcadia Publishing Published Date : 2003-07-01 ISBN-13 : 9780738514932 Page : 127 Pages Language : en Descriptions Albany State University Albany State University, located in southwest Georgia on the banks of the Flint River, is a four-year unit of the University System of Georgia with five academic schools and degree programs in more than 40 areas of study. Founded in 1903 as the Albany Bible and Manual Training Institute by Joseph Winthrop Holley, the institution-patterned after Booker T. Washington’s Tuskegee Institute-provided industrial, normal, and religious education for African Americans. In 1917, […]

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