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EVA Authors : Al Ehrbar Publisher : John Wiley & Sons Published Date : 1998-10-21 ISBN-13 : 9780471298601 Page : 234 Pages Language : en Descriptions EVA A former Senior Editor of Fortune magazine and economics writer for The Wall Street Journal demonstrates the effectiveness of the “Economic Value Added” management strategy in increasing the wealth of corporations and their shareholders. 30,000 first printing. $50,000 ad/promo.

Value-Based Metrics Authors : Frank J. Fabozzi, James L. Grant Publisher : John Wiley & Sons Published Date : 2000-06-15 ISBN-13 : 9781883249762 Page : 294 Pages Language : en Descriptions Value-Based Metrics Investors, shareholders, and corporate leaders looking for an edge in today’s New Economy are moving beyond traditional accounting yardsticks toward new means of gauging performance and profitability. An increasing number of Wall Street analysts and corporate boards are adopting value-based metrics such as EVA, MVA, and CFROI as a measure of a firm’s profitability because these standards adjust for all of the firm’s cost of capital – […]

Shareholder Value in Banking Authors : F. Fiordelisi, P. Molyneux Publisher : Springer Published Date : 2006-04-19 ISBN-13 : 9780230595927 Page : 342 Pages Language : en Descriptions Shareholder Value in Banking Sustainable shareholder value is a main strategic objective for financial institutions. This text provides an analytical assessment of shareholder value creation, providing a framework for analyzing theory, and presenting empirical investigations. It analyzes the importance of drivers in creating value and develops a new measure of bank efficiency.

Fallen Giant Authors : Ronald Shelp, Al Ehrbar Publisher : John Wiley & Sons Published Date : 2009-07-28 ISBN-13 : 9780470535660 Page : 288 Pages Language : en Descriptions Fallen Giant A unique insider view into the recent AIG crisis and Hank Greenberg For nearly 40 years, Maurice “Hank” Greenberg was one of the most powerful CEOs in America. He built American International Group (AIG) from a second-rate insurer with a great Chinese franchise into one of the world’s most profitable companies. But times have certainly changed, and now, in the Second Edition of Fallen Giant, author Ronald Shelp-who worked […]

The EVA Challenge Authors : Joel M. Stern, John S. Shiely, Irwin Ross Publisher : John Wiley & Sons Published Date : 2001-01-30 ISBN-13 : 9780471405559 Page : 250 Pages Language : en Descriptions The EVA Challenge Instructs readers in how to apply the “economic value added” index to the performance of a company and use it to rearrange priorities.

The Satisfied Customer Authors : Claes Fornell Publisher : St. Martin’s Press Published Date : 2007-11-27 ISBN-13 : 9780230608627 Page : 256 Pages Language : en Descriptions The Satisfied Customer When faced with the choice between cutting costs or improving customer service, most companies focus on tangible assets. But in our service economy, the most important asset is intangible: a company’s relationship with its customers. The Satisfied Customer is a blueprint for understanding this fact of modern business and reveals the unheralded value of customer satisfaction. Drawing on the results of a massive survey of American consumer satisfaction and including […]

Valuation methods of Internet stocks Authors : Gunnar Anger Publisher : Published Date : 2000-08-23 ISBN-13 : 9783832426026 Page : 150 Pages Language : en Descriptions Valuation methods of Internet stocks Inhaltsangabe:Abstract: The purpose of this thesis is to discuss some important reasons for the recent boom of Internet stocks, and to show and assess different methods to evaluate them. The Internet is a medium which is yet in the early days of its development and which will revolutionize communication habits, trade and leisure time behavior in an unseen manner. I will show this in the chapters 2 and […]

Relevance Authors : Tim Manners Publisher : Penguin Published Date : 2008-09-18 ISBN-13 : 9781440634611 Page : 224 Pages Language : en Descriptions Relevance After years studying remarkable companies and speaking to some of the most influential leaders around, Tim Manners has discovered a solution to the marketing woes of many brands. Stop worrying about demographics, fads, and cutting-edge advertising. Instead, focus on relevance. Manners shares how the best of the best create solutions to their customers’ problems and help them live happier lives. You’ll learn how: Levi’s reasserted relevance when it created wardrobe solutions for men. Dunkin’ Donuts stopped […]

Green to Gold Authors : Daniel Esty, Andrew Winston Publisher : John Wiley & Sons Published Date : 2009-01-09 ISBN-13 : 9780470393741 Page : 408 Pages Language : en Descriptions Green to Gold From the Publishers Weekly review: “Two experts from Yale tackle the business wake-up-call du jour-environmental responsibility-from every angle in this thorough, earnest guidebook: pragmatically, passionately, financially and historically. Though “no company the authors know of is on a truly long-term sustainable course,” Esty and Winston label the forward-thinking, green-friendly (or at least green-acquainted) companies WaveMakers and set out to assess honestly their path toward environmental responsibility, and […]

Biomaterials in Hand Surgery Authors : Antonio Merolli, Thomas J. Joyce Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media Published Date : 2009-11-05 ISBN-13 : 9788847011953 Page : 143 Pages Language : en Descriptions Biomaterials in Hand Surgery Biomaterials are used in many areas of medicine, particularly in surgery and d- tistry. In orthopedic surgery, total hip arthroplasty has been extremely successful, and has been called ‘the operation of the 20th century’. Total hip arthroplasty is r- tinely performed every day in most orthopedic departments. Over the last decades, many efforts have been made to better integrate the components within the […]

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