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Destitution at the Edge Authors : Edward Scott Publisher : AuthorHouse Published Date : 2010-01 ISBN-13 : 9781449072971 Page : 71 Pages Language : en Descriptions Destitution at the Edge Destitution At The Edge (DATE) unveils more noise than the comedy it portrays. One would be lead to believe it’s a hard written book, based on the fact, the book’s title. On the contrary, this book sheds more light on the sunny side as oppose to the rainy side. DATE relates to real life circumstances that plummet people on a daily basis and laughs at it. This 51 poem book […]

Brass Roots & Love Poems Authors : Gorgeous Unknown Publisher : AuthorHouse Published Date : 2016-05-03 ISBN-13 : 9781504980463 Page : 50 Pages Language : en Descriptions Brass Roots & Love Poems Brass Roots and Love Poems is a collections of observations and life experiences composed in poetic form. Challenging the reader’s definition of love or what we perceive love to be. Majority of societies first impression of love is always pure, honest and sweet. But how do we appreciate real love without recognizing the struggle, distain, and compromise that must be given to make love real. This book is […]

The Gift Authors : Edward Scott Publisher : AuthorHouse Published Date : 2011 ISBN-13 : 9781456718213 Page : 97 Pages Language : en Descriptions The Gift Edward Scott writes one more for poetry. His new book, The Gift, a third book published by Authorhouse, includes 51 poems as his first two books (The Midnight Window and Destitution At The Edge). The Gift simply put is a collection of poems that centers on attitude. All his works thus far have the knack to sweeten bitterness like humor. This book extracts fragments from his life, for the most part. He will release […]

Sacman “A Tale of Two Fates” Authors : AuthorHouse, Unknown Soldier Publisher : AuthorHouse Published Date : 2015-06-22 ISBN-13 : 9781504914635 Page : 188 Pages Language : en Descriptions Sacman “A Tale of Two Fates” A narrow beginning that transforms into an emergence of knowledge, faith, lasting love, and back-in-the-day memories that would embroider the hearts of a group of adventure seekers while overcoming their fears.

Marriage Makeover Authors : Authorhouse Publishing, Sam Bradley Publisher : Published Date : 2002-05-01 ISBN-13 : 9780759665927 Page : 184 Pages Language : en Descriptions Marriage Makeover Based on practical advice and compelling stories, married woman learn what they can do from their own knowledge and efforts to end marital unhappiness, effectively guide themselves in all marital situations, and make a new start in their marriages.

100 + Poems for Holidays and Special Occasions by Frederick Douglas Harper Authors : El Shaddai Gebreyes Publisher : Xlibris Corporation Published Date : 2012-05-07 ISBN-13 : 9781477107287 Page : 152 Pages Language : en Descriptions 100 + Poems for Holidays and Special Occasions by Frederick Douglas Harper 100 + Poems for Holidays and Special Occasions by Frederick Douglas Harper celebrates some of the most significant moments in our lives, like weddings and graduations. This anthology of poetry can and should be shared with the people who matter most to us our family, our friends, and our loved ones. The […]

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