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The Power of Inaction Authors : Cornelia Woll Publisher : Cornell University Press Published Date : 2014-04-17 ISBN-13 : 9780801471148 Page : 224 Pages Language : en Descriptions The Power of Inaction Bank bailouts in the aftermath of the collapse of Lehman Brothers and the onset of the Great Recession brought into sharp relief the power that the global financial sector holds over national politics, and provoked widespread public outrage. In The Power of Inaction, Cornelia Woll details the varying relationships between financial institutions and national governments by comparing national bank rescue schemes in the United States and Europe. Woll […]

Firm Interests Authors : Cornelia Woll Publisher : Cornell University Press Published Date : 2018-07-05 ISBN-13 : 9781501711497 Page : 208 Pages Language : en Descriptions Firm Interests Firms are central to trade policy-making. Some analysts even suggest that they dictate policy on the basis of their material interests. Cornelia Woll counters these assumptions, arguing that firms do not always know what they want. To be sure, firms lobby hard to attain a desired policy once they have defined their goals. Yet material factors are insufficient to account for these preferences. The ways in which firms are embedded in political […]

Economic Patriotism in Open Economies Authors : Ben Clift, Cornelia Woll Publisher : Routledge Published Date : 2013-09-13 ISBN-13 : 9781317981374 Page : 160 Pages Language : en Descriptions Economic Patriotism in Open Economies The recent financial crisis has demonstrated that governments continuously seek to steer their economies rather than leaving them to free markets. Despite the ambitions of international economic cooperation, such interventionism is decidedly local. Some politicians even proudly evoke “economic patriotism” to justify their choices. This volume links such populism to a specific set of tensions – the paradox of neo-liberal democracy – and argues that the […]

Constructing the International Economy Authors : Rawi Abdelal, Mark Blyth, Craig Parsons Publisher : Cornell University Press Published Date : 2015-10-27 ISBN-13 : 9780801458248 Page : 308 Pages Language : en Descriptions Constructing the International Economy Focusing empirically on how political and economic forces are always mediated and interpreted by agents, both in individual countries and in the international sphere, Constructing the International Economy sets out what such constructions and what various forms of constructivism mean, both as ways of understanding the world and as sets of varying methods for achieving that understanding. It rejects the assumption that material interests […]

Resilient Liberalism in Europe’s Political Economy Authors : Vivien A. Schmidt, Mark Thatcher Publisher : Cambridge University Press Published Date : 2013-08-29 ISBN-13 : 9781107435698 Page : 448 Pages Language : en Descriptions Resilient Liberalism in Europe’s Political Economy Why have neo-liberal economic ideas been so resilient since the 1980s, despite major intellectual challenges, crippling financial and political crises, and failure to deliver on their promises? Why do they repeatedly return, not only to survive but to thrive? This groundbreaking book proposes five lines of analysis to explain the dynamics of both continuity and change in neo-liberal ideas: the flexibility […]

Globalizing Oil Authors : Llewelyn Hughes Publisher : Cambridge University Press Published Date : 2014-01-16 ISBN-13 : 9781107041998 Page : 268 Pages Language : en Descriptions Globalizing Oil The first systematic investigation of changes in oil market governance in the advanced industrial democracies over the last three decades.

The Oxford Handbook of Historical Institutionalism Authors : Adam Sheingate Publisher : Oxford University Press Published Date : 2016-02-25 ISBN-13 : 9780199662814 Page : 584 Pages Language : en Descriptions The Oxford Handbook of Historical Institutionalism Historical institutionalism has deep roots in Political Science and related fields, and crystalized into a distinct research tradition during the ‘new institutionalisms’ debate that began in the late 1980s. It has since established strong footholds in four large subfields of Political Science: comparative, American, European, and international politics. The present volume is the first to take stock of the tradition’s contributions across multiple areas […]

Civil Society and Financial Regulation Authors : Lisa Kastner Publisher : Routledge Published Date : 2017-10-12 ISBN-13 : 9781351798136 Page : 198 Pages Language : en Descriptions Civil Society and Financial Regulation Coalitions of consumer groups, NGOs, and trade unions have traditionally been considered politically weak compared to well-organized and resourceful financial sector groups which dominate or “capture” financial regulatory decisions. However, following the 2008 financial crisis, civil society groups have been seen to exert much more influence, with politicians successfully implementing financial reform in spite of industry opposition. Drawing on literature from social movement research and regulatory politics, this […]

The Handbook of Global Companies Authors : John Mikler Publisher : John Wiley & Sons Published Date : 2013-03-25 ISBN-13 : 9781118326121 Page : 544 Pages Language : en Descriptions The Handbook of Global Companies The Handbook of Global Companies brings together original research addressing the latest theories and empirical analysis surrounding the role of global companies in local, national, and international governance. Offers new insights into the role of global companies in relation to policy and governance at local, national, and international levels Brings together newly-commissioned research by a global team of established and up-and-coming scholars from the fields […]

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