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Macmillan Authors : Alistair Horne Publisher : Pan Macmillan Published Date : 2012-06-28 ISBN-13 : 9780230738812 Page : 1500 Pages Language : en Descriptions Macmillan Universally acclaimed as one of the great political lives, Alistair Horne offers a vivid portrait of one of the twentieth-century’s most complex political figures: the crofter’s grandson and the duke’s son-in-law, the soldier and the scholar, the bon viveur and the devout high churchman. Using extensive interviews and exclusive access to unpublished diaries, letter and private papers, Horne explores the Macmillan hiding behind the showman and reveals the insecure and unhappy man remembered as Britain’s […]

Macmillan: A Publishing Tradition, 1843-1970 Authors : E. James Publisher : Springer Published Date : 2001-12-11 ISBN-13 : 9780230523456 Page : 273 Pages Language : en Descriptions Macmillan: A Publishing Tradition, 1843-1970 For over one hundred and fifty years, since its founding in 1843, Macmillan has been at the heart of British publishing. This collection of essays, representing recent research in the archives at the British library, examines the firms’ astute business strategy during the nineteenth century, its successful expansion into overseas markets in America and India, its complex and intriguing relations with authors such as Matthew Arnold, Thomas Hardy, […]

Macmillan Authors : Francis Beckett Publisher : Haus Publishing Published Date : 2006 ISBN-13 : 9781904950660 Page : 155 Pages Language : en Descriptions Macmillan Fatherly friend to JFK he repaired the rift between the USA and Britain created by the Suez crisis.

The Rossetti-Macmillan Letters Authors : Lona Mosk Packer, Dante Gabriel Rossetti, Alexander Macmillan Publisher : Univ of California Press Published Date : 1963 ISBN-13 : Page : 166 Pages Language : en Descriptions The Rossetti-Macmillan Letters “This volume contains a total of 154 letters of which 133 have heretofore been unpublished.”–Bookjacket.

Macmillan Authors : Anthony Sampson Publisher : A&C Black Published Date : 2012-09-17 ISBN-13 : 9781448210060 Page : 250 Pages Language : en Descriptions Macmillan These political biographies are intended to analyse in depth the real men lurking behind the personality cults of great contemporary statesmen. Their purpose is to explain how such political leaders as Mao Tse-Tung and Macmillan, de Gaulle and Stalin formed their political outlooks, to examine how they gained power and how they held and exercised it, and to suggest what each has come to epitomize in the eyes of his own nation and of the […]

Macmillan Authors : John Turner Publisher : Routledge Published Date : 2014-06-23 ISBN-13 : 9781317869092 Page : 288 Pages Language : en Descriptions Macmillan Harold Macmillan presided over the dissolution of the British Empire and the first stages of irreversible economic decline. It was an unlucky end to a political career which had seen Britain’s steady extinction as a Great Power, and his reputation will depend on how posterity judges his understanding of these changes, and his skill in adapting himself and his country to meet them. This short but trenchant study of his aims, abilities and achievements concentrates on […]

Harold Macmillan Authors : Charles Williams Publisher : Hachette UK Published Date : 2012-08-16 ISBN-13 : 9780297857778 Page : 448 Pages Language : en Descriptions Harold Macmillan A masterly biography of a great Conservative Prime Minister (and publisher) – Harold Macmillan (1894-1986). Harold Macmillan was a figure of paradox. Outwardly, it was Edwardian elegance and civilised urbanity. Inwardly, it was emotional damage from his wife’s open adultery and his progressive perplexity at the onward march of time. The First World War showed the courageous soldier. From then on, it was politics, rather than the family business of publishing, which was […]

Harold Macmillan: Aspects of a Political Life Authors : R. Aldous, S. Lee Publisher : Springer Published Date : 1999-06-07 ISBN-13 : 9780230376892 Page : 258 Pages Language : en Descriptions Harold Macmillan: Aspects of a Political Life Even 35 years after Harold Macmillan’s resignation in 1963, opinions are sharply divided over his achievements as a politician and prime minister. This volume contributes to the debate about Macmillan’s political role, his successes and his failures, by examining key aspects of his political life. Biographers, historians, and contemporaries present facets of Macmillan’s life, his political visions, his skills, successes and failures […]

Macmillan’s Magazine, 1859–1907 Authors : George J. Worth Publisher : Routledge Published Date : 2017-03-02 ISBN-13 : 9781351921077 Page : 208 Pages Language : en Descriptions Macmillan’s Magazine, 1859–1907 Macmillan’s Magazine has long been recognized as one of the most significant of the many British literary/intellectual periodicals that flourished in the second half of the nineteenth century. Yet the first volume of the Wellesley Index to Victorian Periodicals (1966) pointed out that ‘There is no study of Macmillan’s Magazine’ – and that lack has been only partially remedied in all the decades since. In this work, George Worth addresses five […]

MacMillan on Music Authors : Ernest MacMillan Publisher : Dundurn Published Date : 1997-09-01 ISBN-13 : 9781459714724 Page : 240 Pages Language : en Descriptions MacMillan on Music In addition to his activities as conductor, administrator, educator, composer, and organist, Sir Ernest MacMillan (1893-1973) found time to write more than one hundred essays and lectures on music. Always ready to use his enormous prestige to further the causes of music, MacMillan took every opportunity to admonish Canadians to develop our own composers, to honour our own performers, to educate our children musically, and to offer opportunities for all to hear, […]

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