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$700 Billion Bailout Authors : Paul Muolo Publisher : John Wiley & Sons Published Date : 2009 ISBN-13 : 9780470462560 Page : 187 Pages Language : en Descriptions $700 Billion Bailout “Is America a sinking ship? With the economy in the midst of crisis, the United States government has approved an unprecedented $700 billion bailout of the battered financial industry. $700 Billion Bailout is an analysis of the controversial Emergency Economic Stabilization Act and explains in easy to understand language what the bailout bill means for individuals. The bill…will include tax breaks shielding millions of taxpayers from the alternative minimum […]

Chain of Blame Authors : Paul Muolo, Mathew Padilla Publisher : John Wiley & Sons Published Date : 2010-12-21 ISBN-13 : 9781118039588 Page : 400 Pages Language : en Descriptions Chain of Blame An updated and revised look at the truth behind America’s housing and mortgage bubbles In the summer of 2007, the subprime empire that Wall Street had built all came crashing down. On average, fifty lenders a month were going bust-and the people responsible for the crisis included not just unregulated loan brokers and con artists, but also investment bankers and home loan institutions traditionally perceived as completely […]

Inside Job Authors : Stephen Pizzo, Mary Fricker, Paul Muolo Publisher : Open Road Media Published Date : 2015-09-29 ISBN-13 : 9781504019910 Page : 584 Pages Language : en Descriptions Inside Job New York Times Bestseller: A history of the S&L scandal that caused a financial disaster for American taxpayers: “Hard to put down” (Library Journal). For most of the 20th century, savings and loans were an invaluable thread of the American economy. But in the 1970s, Congress passed sweeping financial deregulation at the insistence of industry insiders that allowed these once quaint and useful institutions to spread their taxpayer-insured […]

The Financial Crisis of Our Time Authors : Robert W. Kolb Publisher : Oxford University Press Published Date : 2011-01-28 ISBN-13 : 9780199781300 Page : 424 Pages Language : en Descriptions The Financial Crisis of Our Time In 2006 residential real estate prices peaked and started to fall, then threatened the world’s financial institutions in 2007, and confronted the global economy with disaster in 2008. In the past few years, millions of people have lost very substantial portions of their wealth. And while the markets have rebounded considerably, they are still far from a full recovery. Now, professional economists, policy […]

Bubbles, Booms, and Busts Authors : Donald Rapp Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media Published Date : 2009-06-12 ISBN-13 : 9780387876306 Page : 274 Pages Language : en Descriptions Bubbles, Booms, and Busts This book provides a thorough explanation of the nature and history of booms, bubbles and busts in financial markets. The first part of the book deals with financial booms and bubbles and how they emerge, develop and collapse. It describes the distribution of wealth, inflation, rationality of bankers, monetary and fiscal policy, the role of central banks, tax policies, social security, US federal, state, municipal and […]

The Vega Factor Authors : Kent Moors Publisher : John Wiley & Sons Published Date : 2011-04-12 ISBN-13 : 9781118077092 Page : 448 Pages Language : en Descriptions The Vega Factor How oil volatility is affecting the global political scene, and where the oil market is heading The world is rapidly moving towards an oil environment defined by volatility. The Vega Factor: Oil Volatility and the Next Global Crisis takes an in-depth look at the most important topics in the industry, including strategic risk, why traditional pricing mechanisms will no longer govern the market, and how the current government approaches […]

Decade of Nightmares Authors : Philip Jenkins Publisher : Oxford University Press Published Date : 2006-03-15 ISBN-13 : 9780199884445 Page : 352 Pages Language : en Descriptions Decade of Nightmares Why did the youthful optimism and openness of the sixties give way to Ronald Reagan and the spirit of conservative reaction–a spirit that remains ascendant today? Drawing on a wide array of sources–including tabloid journalism, popular fiction, movies, and television shows–Philip Jenkins argues that a remarkable confluence of panics, scares, and a few genuine threats created a climate of fear that led to the conservative reaction. He identifies 1975 to […]

Age of Greed Authors : Jeff Madrick Publisher : Vintage Published Date : 2011-05-31 ISBN-13 : 9780307596710 Page : 480 Pages Language : en Descriptions Age of Greed A vividly told history of how greed bred America’s economic ills over the last forty years, and of the men most responsible for them. As Jeff Madrick makes clear in a narrative at once sweeping, fast-paced, and incisive, the single-minded pursuit of huge personal wealth has been on the rise in the United States since the 1970s, led by a few individuals who have argued that self-interest guides society more effectively than […]

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