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Readings in the Philosophy of Social Science Authors : Michael Martin, Lee C. McIntyre Publisher : MIT Press Published Date : 1994 ISBN-13 : 9780262631518 Page : 785 Pages Language : en Descriptions Readings in the Philosophy of Social Science the first comprehensive anthology in the philosophy of social science to appear since the late 1960s

The Social Science Encyclopedia Authors : Adam Kuper Publisher : Routledge Published Date : 2003-12-16 ISBN-13 : 9781134450831 Page : 952 Pages Language : en Descriptions The Social Science Encyclopedia The Social Science Encyclopedia, first published in 1985 to acclaim from social scientists, librarians and students, was thoroughly revised in 1996, when reviewers began to describe it as a classic. This third edition has been radically recast. Over half the entries are new or have been entirely rewritten, and most of the balance have been substantially revised. Written by an international team of contributors, the Encyclopedia offers a global perspective […]

Usable Social Science Authors : Neil J. Smelser, John S. Reed Publisher : Univ of California Press Published Date : 2012-10-15 ISBN-13 : 9780520954144 Page : 416 Pages Language : en Descriptions Usable Social Science This volume is a one-of-a-kind contribution to applied social science and the product of a long collaboration between an established, interdisciplinary sociologist and a successful banking executive. Together, Neil Smelser and John Reed use a straightforward approach to presenting substantive social science knowledge and indicate its relevance and applicability to decision-making, problem-solving and policy-making. Among the areas presented are space-and-time coordinates of social life; cognition […]

The Origins of American Social Science Authors : Dorothy Ross Publisher : Cambridge University Press Published Date : 1992-03-27 ISBN-13 : 9780521428361 Page : 508 Pages Language : en Descriptions The Origins of American Social Science Focusing on the disciplines of economics, sociology, political science, and history, this book examines how American social science came to model itself on natural science and liberal politics. Professor Ross argues that American social science receives its distinctive stamp from the ideology of American exceptionalism, the idea that America occupies an exceptional place in history, based on her republican government and wide economic opportunity. […]

Social Science Under Debate Authors : Mario Bunge Publisher : University of Toronto Press Published Date : 1999 ISBN-13 : 9780802083579 Page : 538 Pages Language : en Descriptions Social Science Under Debate Bunge contends that social science research has fallen prey to a postmodern fascination with irrationalism and relativism. He urges social scientists to re-examine the philosophy and the methodology at the base of their discipline.

Fuzzy-Set Social Science Authors : Charles C. Ragin Publisher : University of Chicago Press Published Date : 2000-08 ISBN-13 : 9780226702773 Page : 352 Pages Language : en Descriptions Fuzzy-Set Social Science In this innovative approach to the practice of social scienceÇharles Ragin explores the use of fuzzy sets to bridge the divide between quantitive and qualitative methods. He argues that fuzzy sets allow a far richer dialogue between ideas and evidence in social research than previously possible.

The Oxford Handbook of Philosophy of Social Science Authors : Harold Kincaid Publisher : Oxford University Press Published Date : 2012-08-23 ISBN-13 : 9780195392753 Page : 657 Pages Language : en Descriptions The Oxford Handbook of Philosophy of Social Science The philosophy of the social sciences considers the underlying explanatory powers of the social (or human) sciences, such as history, economics, anthropology, politics, and sociology. The type of questions covered includes the methodological (the nature of observations, laws, theories, and explanations) to the ontological — whether or not these sciences can explain human nature in a way consistent with common-sense […]

Events and The Social Sciences Authors : Hazel Andrews, Teresa Leopold Publisher : Routledge Published Date : 2013-02-11 ISBN-13 : 9781135092696 Page : 154 Pages Language : en Descriptions Events and The Social Sciences As the events management field expands as an area of study, there is a need to move beyond the business and marketing-driven approaches which dominate the literature towards a more advanced conceptual analysis and understanding of events from a socio-cultural context. This book addresses this need by examining intersections between the social sciences and the emerging field of events management. It applies and specifically contextualises social […]

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