Where are the good card games?

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If you’ve kept up with the news on this website a bit, you will probably be aware that it’s a great age to be a gamer. Online gaming services such as Steam often have sales and offer huge discounts (thanks Gabe!) and buying great games was never as cheap as it is right now. The only problem is that sometimes the right games are just nowhere to be found.

Lack of card games

As the World Series of Poker are also being held at the moment however, I thought it’d be nice to have play some poker and turn myself into a virtual WSOP winner. To my surprise this turned out to be harder than I thought and it’s actually a pretty tough task finding a decent poker game, or any other type card game for that matter in the store. Although there are two poker games (Poker Night at the Inventory and Poker Night 2), these games mainly rely on humor and don’t really offer a realistic poker experience. My surprise was even bigger when I found out there isn’t even a single game hack and mod apk being offered in the https://www.hwacha.net.

Why, why, why?

So how can it be there are virtually no good card video games available? Being a programmer myself, I know that one of the first things many programmers learn is how to program a card game and thus the knowledge must be there. So what’s the problem then? Are card games just too simple and do they not offer enough depth? That might be part of the reason, after all games like poker and blackjack are quite repetitive. Another important argument might be that card games don’t really offer much room for eye candy and eye candy has become quite important in today’s gaming industry. Maybe the soon to be released Oculus Rift can help out a bit on the last part, as real eye candy could be introduced in order to transport the player to a virtual casino that feels real.

No champion just yet

No matter what the reasons are, the fact remains that despite my desires of becoming a (virtual) WSOP champion, I still remain braceletless. And that’s really too bad, because I personally do think there must be room on the market for some nice card games that are actually fun to play while training your card game skills and whether you want to become the number one card counter in the world or become a poker champion, there should be a game that’s fun to play and allows you to learn these things. So let’s hope the gaming industry wakes up soon and realizes what we need is not yet another Call of Duty or Battlefield and some more alternative games would be fun as well. Because right now it feels like online casinos are the only place to go and while they do offer these games, it’s also the real deal where money is at stake and fun comes second.

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